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1 month later, once the credit greeting card payments whenever due, he wants zhang, zhang, nevertheless, on the causes that the main town turnover hard, also just 5000 yuan then and there, wang yong as well as traversing often Online Cigarettes later, zhang has additionally only 3000 yuan, much more worse, due to all their savings with regard to store decoration and purchase goods, the lease is born immediately wang Online Newport Cigarettes Cartons yong large stone upon my center. Recall the problem, wang yong stated: "when one's heart is truly very reliant, on the main one hand, the starting time isn't long, the company Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes is just so-so, however in charge card borrowing whilst also taking the landlord lease half annually, funds stress is as well great, a half is going to be difficult to get so a lot money, in those days have attended store and do not continue being open. " Wang yong's smoke "happy home" the great faith as well as mutual help team leader within an on-site stop by at understand the problem, take the actual initiative in order to invite him or her to "happy home" the great faith for that month common aid groups, and informed his group will synchronize invited jiujiang cigarettes monopoly institution (company) as well as regulations department staff and lawyer to take part in this month's "happy home" solar panel, At the actual meeting, legal agents will solution legal questions for that group clients free of charge, which might help Wang yong resolve his present problems.