Keir Starmer's Durham drink - what were the rules?

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Keir Starmer's Durham drink - what were the rules?

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has announced he will resign if he is found by Durham Police to have breached Covid rules.

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The police force has announced that it is opening an investigation into a gathering in the city on 30 April 2021.

At the gathering, Sir Keir was pictured through a window holding a bottle.

"I am absolutely clear that no laws were broken - they were followed at all times," he said on 9 May 2022.

"I simply had something to eat whilst working late in the evening, as any politician would do days before an election."

What happened?
The picture of the Labour leader was taken in the run-up to the 6 May Hartlepool by-election in the office of City of Durham MP Mary Foy - inside Durham Miners' Hall.

He can be seen with a bottle while colleagues can be seen in the background with plates.

Sir Keir has explained that a takeaway was ordered for the people working in the office.

What were the rules at the time?
On 30 April, England was under "Step 2" rules, which had been introduced on 12 April.

Gathering indoors with people from outside your household or support bubble was against the law.

There was an exemption for "work purposes", although working from home was recommended in the guidance, but the rules did not mention socialising at work.